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WNC Pressure Washing is the leader in commercial pressure washing. We Provide pressure washing and cleaning services for dozens of gas stations, shopping centers, Hotels and strip malls across Western North Carolina, Up state South Carolina and Tenn. Cleaning a public building such as this, public safety is the most important aspect that WNC Pressure Washing considers. We take safety seriously and train all employees as such. We protect against trip hazards such as hoses, we monitor traffic flow, our EPA approved vacuum system will limit hazardous run-off while keeping your business in compliance with State and Federal law . All of these items must be addressed in a professional and competent manner.

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Commercial Pressure Washing Ashevile NC

Are you looking for an eco-friendly pressure washing company to professionaly handle routine or one time cleanings? Perhaps you aren't satisfied with your current contractor? Make the smart business decision and give WNC Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning, a call. We have a plan that WILL fit your needs & your budget!

Commercial pressure washing serving Asheville, Waynesville, Hendersonville, Arden, sylva, Woodfin, Cashiers, Fletcher NC and surrounding cities.

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Owning or Managing a business is an important asset in your everyday life. The overall appearance of your business is the ultimate “first impression” to any one of your customer’s. When you present a negative first impression to someone, chances are they will end up wanting to walk away. The importance of maintaining a clean exterior presence is essential for every commercial property. It’s even more important to clean your exterior surfaces much more often due to the active algae, mold, mildew, and grime that is constantly building up. 

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Dumpster Areas / Sign Cleaning / Store Fronts / Gas Stations / Car Ports / Apartments / Sidewalks / TPO roof cleaning

Parking Lots / Drive Through Lanes / Oil & Rust Removal / Tranfer Station and More



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Awning Cleaning

If you have an awning on your local business, you no doubt know how hard it is to keep it looking its best. It’s exposed to the elements, so naturally it collects all kinds of grime and dirt. Not only can this potentially ruin its aesthetic appeal, but it can create a health hazard for those with serious allergies. This is why it is so important that your awnings be kept clean.

WNC Pressure Washing specializes in beautifying awnings throughout Asheville and the surrounding area, and we do so with a special soft wash formula that is just as thorough yet far less abrasive. Our soft wash cleaning methods will keep your awnings looking their best.

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Gas Station Pressure Washing

Pressure washing gas stations is often done at night time hours, when the flow of people slows down. One of the biggest priorities is getting in and out fast. When fuel pumps are blocked off, the establishment is loosing money. A good practice is to only close one pump at a time and as soon as one area is finished, re open the pump. This keeps the majority of the fuel pumps open and ready for customer use. Signage, cones and barriers are also helpful to establish boundaries that the facilities customers should not cross. This keeps them out of harms way and allows the entire process to move more efficiently with less down time.

Hotel Pressure Washing

We have numerous data to show hotel pressure washing can increase the number of guests that will want to come to your hotel. A lot of people post their hotel experiences online for other travelers to see. If your current guests feel that the outside of your hotel was very clean, they will convey that online. This will draw future guests to check into the hotel for their stay. Many travelers nowadays seek out online reviews from Google and similar websites. Cleanliness of your property says a lot about the company and how much they care about their guests. No one wants to stay in a hotel that looks run-down and dirty…especially after a long day of travel.

The walkways and siding are important, but so is the roof. Do not overlook this part integral of the hotel. Especially if the roof of your building is view-able from the road or outside of guest windows. Hotel power washing should include our no pressure roof cleaning service since upkeep is important to the maintenance of the roof itself.  Our trained staff at WNC Pressure Washing will be able to show any mold issues or damage to the roof that you may not have noticed. Not only will your hotel look immaculate, the roof will last longer.

If your property in need of power washing services and you are in the Western North Carolina, Eastern Tennessee and surrounding area, call the leaders in hotel pressure washing at 828-331-8118 

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